What to Expect in Casper

Chiropractic Casper WY Prepare for First Visit

Your Casper chiropractor can help get you ready for your first visit. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

New Chiropractic Patients in Casper

We provide you with the best care possible through 4 Easy Stages

  • Step 1. Easily Access and Fill Out Your Initial Paperwork
    We want to make your visit hassle-free and the best experience it can possibly be!
    So to help us help you, please fill out the New Patient forms before coming in for your first appointment.
    This will save you 10-15 minutes and keep you from waiting longer.
  • Step 2. Come In For Your Initial Consultation and Exam
    Your first visit will start with a consultation with Dr. Wisroth.
    This will be followed up by a detailed examination and specific neurological-based testing.
    As we go through your care we will perform follow-up exams to map out your progress and improvements.
  • Step 3. Advanced State-of-the-Art X-Rays (If Needed)
    If necessary, we will take digital motion study x-rays for advanced diagnostic purposes.
    If you already have up-to-date motion study x-rays we may be able to use them, bring them in on your initial visit.
  • Step 4. We Sit Down and Discuss the Doctor’s Report of Findings
    Following the initial visit, Dr. Wisroth will go over his report of findings including a detailed interpretation of the motion study x-rays and his recommendations on treatment and the right plan of care for your specific needs.


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