Hip Pain Treatment in Casper

Chiropractic Casper WY Hip Pain

Dr. Wisroth, your Casper chiropractor, is certified from Harvard Medical School in Lifestyle Medicine: Osteoporosis.

He is confident that he is equipped with the skills and knowledge to manage your hip pain to the highest degree.

Hip pain can be caused by many combinations of factors, injury, arthritis or repetitive movements.

Many people develop hip pain over time and it has been shown that hip, knee, and leg pain is often caused by referred pain from somewhere else.

See your Casper Doctor for Hip Pain

Due to the complexity of the joints, it is important that you see someone who is trained in these areas. We perform an individualized assessment and exam on each patient so we can figure out what is causing your hip pain. Experience allows our team to be able to use the location of the hip pain, type of hip pain sensations, and swelling to assist in the diagnosis.

Getting the correct diagnosis is key in experiencing a quick recovery to hip pain.

We help many people with hip pain and would love to discuss your specific hip pain issue and how chiropractic may help.


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