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Chiropractic Casper WY Weight Loss

Dr. Wisroth, our Casper chiropractor, is certified from Harvard Medical School in Lifestyle Medicine: Nutrition and the Metabolic Syndrome.

He is also certified from Harvard Medical School in Lifestyle Medicine: Prescribing Exercise.

He is confident that he is equipped with the skills and knowledge to manage your nutrition to the highest degree.

Losing weight can be difficult in Casper

  • It is common to be overweight in our society, but it is not normal.
  • The real difficulty when it comes to losing weight is finding what you personally need to do to lose weight.
  • What works for one person may not work for the next.

This is why we do an in-depth individualized assessment.

This allows Dr. Wisroth to assess what is really causing the weight gain or weight loss plateau and put together a plan to help you lose the weight you want.

successful weight loss plan

There are many tricks and keys to a successful weight loss plan, from nutrition to exercise to detox to nervous system interferences.

The most missed aspect of losing weight is by far the nervous system connection between the brain, the thyroid, and the body’s metabolism.

Even if you ate perfectly, exercised, and slept a full night’s sleep, if you have a subluxation interfering with the brain from communicating to the thyroid and body, losing weight will be a true struggle.

We analyze it all. We help many people with weight loss and would love to discuss your weight loss issue and how chiropractic may help.


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