chiropractic care can help bedwetting

Bedwetting is a problem for many kids. Wetting the bed at any age is embarrassing and can cause feelings of shame and guilt. These feelings can create impaired social skills due to a lack of interaction with friends and family because of fear. Bedwetting in Casper can be a life-altering problem for children limiting their activities because of shame or having to make embarrassing alterations like diapers, plastic mattress covers, and/or alarms.

Everyone is born wetting the bed but as children age, their bladders grow and they learn how to control their bladder. By age 5, children should be able to develop control of their bladder but today most children have poor control at night. Only 15% of these children will stop bedwetting without any kind of intervention. While chiropractic care for kids is not a "cure" for bedwetting but talk to our parents and ask them how quickly their child's bedwetting resolved with treatment! There is also the comfort of knowing that care is safe and natural because it is the child's body that is doing all the work.

Bedwetting in Casper WY

When it comes to the emptying of the bladder, there are two muscles that are in control. The official names for these muscles are the detrusor muscle and trigone muscle. These muscles are controlled by nerves that extend off the spinal cord and pass through the vertebrae in the low back and sacrum ("tailbone"). In the beginning years of life, a child's sacrum is five segments. Throughout life and development, the segments fuse together into one segment. As a child, learning how to crawl, walk, ride a bike, etc. is very exciting but also presents many opportunities to fall. All these falls are all micro traumas and can cause the pelvis, sacrum, and vertebrae in the spine to move. When this happens, the pressure gets put on nerves that extend off the spinal cord impairing their ability to send signals to the corresponding organ(s). This may be the root cause of a child's bedwetting.

What To Expect

During your child's examination at 307 Chiropractic Health Center, we are going to be looking for misalignments throughout your child's body. It is our goal to eliminate the pressure on your child's nerves with safe, gentle, natural chiropractic adjustments.

Blocked nerve messages responsible for bladder control can cause bedwetting.

These nerves are found in the lower back.

Children have regained their ability and confidence with Chiropractic care.

We help many kids with bedwetting and would love to discuss your specific issue and how chiropractic may help. At 307 Chiropractic Health Center in Casper, we are gentle and compassionate. Call us today to make sure that your child's nervous system isn't causing malfunctions in their little body.


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