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"I have been a patient here for more than a year and have always been really pleased with my experience. A couple days ago I got my migraine aura, took my rescue medicine and called right away for an adjustment. Iveeth was so kind on the phone and got me in immediately. Dr. Wisroth took me back right away for an adjustment and was so compassionate about my symptoms. Instead of being at home debilitated with a migraine all day, I ended up playing 18 holes of golf. If you suffer from migraines, you understand how incredible that is. Everyone at this office is so kind and caring, I would recommend them a million times. They have helped me through many ailments, but this was truly amazing. I am so grateful to be in their care and trust them completely."

- Sarah S.

"I enjoy going to 307 Chiropractic Health because you don't just go to pop a few bones. You get a whole experience! You are a part of the adjustment the moment you walk in by going through a quick set of exercises to loosen your joints. Dr. Wisroth then speaks with you about what is going on, what you need, and how to keep improving. Last, you step up on the vibration pad to settle your new adjustment into place, improve your circulation, and get a whole body boost to send you out the door. I don't enjoy sitting and waiting in an uncomfortable chair at a doctor's office when I'm already in pain for a quick run through as they move on to the next patient. Not here! You begin with movement and you end with a better perspective for yourself and your body. I would recommend 307 Chiropractic Health to anyone who actually wants a change that will last. I've never felt better and more involved with my health, knowing that they pay attention to my needs and not just a bunch of calculations."

- Amanda L.

Softwave Tissue Regeneration Therapy

"Per my orthopedic doctor's recommendation, I needed to start shockwave therapy for a badly damaged tendon. This is the only location in Casper that had the machine for this procedure. I called, expecting it to either be outrageously expensive and/or take forever to get an appointment. I was seen that very afternoon for my first session AND it was reasonably priced for multiple sessions. The tech that did my first treatment was SO kind, funny, and made sure I understood what was going to happen and how it would help me heal. She immediately put my mind at ease and although the actual treatment was uncomfortable, I'm looking forward to being treated here for the next few weeks. Also, the clinic is beautiful and clean, the front desk receptionist was so polite, and the location is easy to find. Highly recommend!"

- Rachel M.

"I FEEL GREAT! I set up my original appointment 7-8 weeks ago because I was experiencing lower back, hip & knee pain. During my first visit with Dr. Wisroth, he recommended that I try their TRT treatment for my knee pain. He explained the whole process to me and said that they have seen some success with other patients. So I figured, I would give it a try. My knees felt amazing after the very first treatment. I am sleeping better and have a lot more energy. Thank you to the entire staff! They are all amazing!"

- Jason K.


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