Chiropractic Testimonials

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Here are some letters that we have received regarding Dr. Wisroth and his office.

“I met Dr. Wisroth and Ashley back in 2014. They both are a pleasure to work with! They always have a smile on their face.

Ashley always assisted me with my appointments, payments, and etc. gladly! Dr. Wisroth would help me with chiropractic care. Dr. Wisroth would check in with me and offer some encouragement about treatment each visit!

Dr. Wisroth and Ashley are very knowledgeable about health and they also practice what they preach. I think that’s remarkable!”

- Jenny

“Several years ago, I did not believe in the chiropractic branch of doctoring. Now, I not only live it myself; but I suggest it to my family and friends.

I’ve been a patient of chiropractic doctoring for some time now and had many doctors do adjustments for me. I’ve felt compelled to tell each new doctor that I have had cervical spine surgery and this has made me not only vulnerable to neck pain, but leery of someone new touching me to do my adjustments. My neck muscles are often tight and it is not easy for me to relax them.

When I first met Dr. Wisroth I could tell right away that he was a kind and gentle soul. He genuinely listened to everything I shared with him. He took the time to listen and show that he had a true interest in how I felt; and how he proceeded with his adjustments for me.

He had a very gentle touch and calming voice when doing my adjustments. He always took the time to allow me to relax so that I was able to get the most benefit from his time doing my adjustments. He never once rushed me through my adjustments.

Through Dr. Wisroth’s time I learned to relax more and was able to benefit more from my time with him. He is an AMAZING doctor. I know that my chiropractor’s office is a “teaching office” and/or “learning office” and that many new doctors of chiropractic medicine come through there. Dr. Wisroth is by far one of the kindest and gentlest of all the doctors I have seen come through there.

Not only is Dr. Wisroth kind and gentle, but he is very encouraging as well. The office had this thing called a weight loss challenge this past spring. I entered this weight loss challenge. Dr. Wisroth not only was very encouraging with this; but he took the initiative to ask me every week about my weigh-in. This was very helpful.

Even though the weight loss challenge finished, I wanted to continue with my weight loss journey. Dr. Wisroth continued to be encouraging long after the challenge for everyone else had finished. Dr. Wisroth is awesome.

I know I cannot move and follow him around the globe. I have my own family and life here in Minnesota. If I were able to; I would ABSOLUTELY consider following him to where he sets up his office and settles in to having his practice. He is going to thrive wherever he goes because of the way he is and the kindness he carries in his heart. God has truly chosen a great man to do his work here. May God bless Ashley and Dr. Wisroth.”

- Sue


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